Rikki Stacy has been awarded the Big Red Stores/Family Market Scholarship by UA-Little Rock Alumni Association.
Rikki has been with Family Market in Pangburn, Arkansas since March 2017. Three days a week, Rikki commutes to UA-Little Rock to study Psychology. When asked, Rikki stated that her end-goal is to be either a forensic psychologist or a criminal psychologist. After going to school, Rikki drives an hour and a half back home to go work for Family Market and closes the store four nights a week. Rikki’s manager Tina stated “Rikki’s work ethic and dedication are top notch! She is a very dependable worker, and her customer service skills are commendable!” Her supervisor also goes on to state that he admires Rikki’s dedication to Family Market and her education.

Owners David and Doug Hendrix are very excited about this new scholarship program with UA-Little Rock. The Hendrix brothers feel it is important to highlight employees, like Rikki who want to better themselves with an education.

Summerwood Partners is excited to continue this program with UA-Little Rock in the coming years.